Skipper’s Rewards

Skipper’s Rewards



Here at Skipper’s we love giving back to our loyal customers! For years we have been giving out Skipper’s tickets. For shopping at Skipper’s you will receive 1 ticket for every $10 spent in the store. The tickets can then be collected and exchanged for the following:


  1. 15 = $5 off
  2. 25 = t-shirt
  3. 35 = long sleeve
  4. 50 = sweatshirt
Big Spender? Rather than getting your tickets you can get a free t-shirt if you have a $100 purchase





  1. please sign me up for your email offers I tried both on fb and your site when I get to teh end it wont allow me to add you to my address book for some reason see you soon

  2. love your stuffed mushrooms – the cranberry and crab are the best!

  3. rewards is a nice plus

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